All beings, regardless of past conditioning, are capable of choosing the experiences they want to be having and become their highest version of themselves. I am here to support you in creating your new reality. Your future self will thank you. 


I was raised in Michigan off the grid. And when I say off the grid, I mean no electricity or running water. We lived in a three room log cabin with an outhouse. I was an outgoing outspoken adventurous child who loved  to sing, be in front of the camera and preferred conversations with adults to playing with other kids. I chose to leave home earlier than most to take ownership of myself. While my classmates were enrolling in universities, I flew one way to Germany and spent the summer traveling much of Europe. By the time I turned thirty I'd had well over thirty jobs, married and divorced twice, became a single mom and learned that I had a biological father I never knew existed.

I was running hard in search of happiness, love and fulfillment outside of myself.  I was ready for something, anything different and I had no idea who I really was, what I wanted and had no clue what to do about it.  And just like in the books I've read, that's when I met my first teacher, David Michael.  It was through my work with him that I learned how to grow myself up, act in integrity and be accountable for my words and my actions. I made perhaps the single important and life altering decision to commit to living in truth and began the powerful practice of being 100% honest with myself.  



Many amazing and miraculous shifts began to take shape as I made different choices than I was accustomed to; choices that supported what I want to experience. My relationships changed in extraordinary ways, most profoundly the relationship I have with myself.  Nothing would ever be the same for me, and that was scary as hell, though not nearly as scary as everything remaining the same.

The world I am experiencing now continues to transform. I remain a constant student, learning all that I can to experience greater freedoms that are available to us to thrive rather than survive in everyday life.


Within each and everyone of us rests our infinite source of creative energy; we each have the power to choose what we want to experience. 

This superpower is what makes it possible for me to create whatever I want to have and whatever I want to experience.  It becomes easier with practice to access the ability to shift from the energy of guilt to that of appreciation, from the energy of worry to that of faith and from the energy of being a servant to that of being of service.

I continue to learn and mature and refine who I am. I regularly checking in with myself to be sure I am aware that I choose the ways I want to show up in situations. 

I know who I am, I know what I want and I know how I serve. The greatest part of the journey is realizing that this life is full of opportunities to invite me to step more fully into the truth of who I am according to me. I am responsible to myself for the experiences I want to be having. I always have a choice.

And now I choose to share all of this with you!

Here is a list of a few of my favorite books!


Media Bio

Through coaching, yoga and meditation, Jessica invites you to consider all the ways that you can live in your true natural state; freely and joyfully. Jessica shares simple, applicable ways to become more skilled at relaxing into the truth of who you are. She invites and encourages you to fully accept yourself as you are right now and to lean into what illuminates you. 

You empower yourself. Jessica holds an experienced, supportive space that calls you into your authentic self, inviting you to experience your wholeness accurately without the conditioning of judgement, guilt or shame. Jessica encourages you to focus on what is working in your life now and stand bravely in your power. From here, you get to see with more clarity what remains in the way of your joy and your freedom. The process of you reawakening to your truth creates powerful shifts within and throughout your entire being supporting your ability to remove perceived barriers. Your willingness to show up and participate fully in your unique personal development process naturally inspires you to authentically create the experiences that want to be expressed through you.

Jessica offers private and group coaching to individuals, couples, coaches and leaders.