jessica rueger

self mastery coach


"It is indeed difficult

to tame the mind

and it is arduous not to."

-Jessica rueger


Powerfully Create The Experiences You Want.


In life it is normal to experience a myriad of thoughts and feelings.  It is the meaning you ascribe to your thoughts and feelings that causes much of your suffering.

I offer you a different perspective, and navigational skills to bring awareness to the ways you may be reacting to the situations in your life. I share tools that increase your awareness and allow you to see yourself more accurately and become more accepting of who you really are beneath the conditioning of your history. You will discover your natural ability to create more masterfully in the world. It’s time to take back your power and create the adventures and experiences you want to be having personally and professionally.

Are you ready, more importantly are you willing to invest your precious time and energy into your self and create your life according to your desired outcomes ?

I work with individuals, coaches and entrepreneurs in the Charleston area and around the world offering my experience and intuitive guidance to help you discover and choose from your innate wisdom to consciously create your life, relationships and business in a way that aligns with the truth of who you are.  Stop reacting to what’s not working & start creating more of what is working now.


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In what ways would your life look different if you truly believed how

incredibly powerful you really are? What if I told you that you have

infinite power within you to be having the experiences you truly

desire to be having? What if you knew that you could put an end

to your suffering and begin creating a life for yourself that is meaningful,

authentic and focused on what you love and what you would love to be experiencing? What if you knew you could start making immediate changes that will support you living your best life? Give me an opportunity to show you the ways you are already creating the experiences you are having now and ways you can begin to create the experiences that are inline with what is true for you; experiences you want and deserve.

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