I once heard that a marriage is something that happens naturally between two people and having a wedding ceremony is a way to honor this.  I believe this. It is my honor to do my part to help create a wedding ceremony to be enjoyable and memorable and to celebrate the marriage that the two of you have created.

I was inspired to become an officiant in May of 2008 when a dear friend's sister requested that I officiate her wedding. I was so honored for the opportunity that I set out to learn everything I could to make their wedding day wonderful. I have been receiving similar requests ever since and find it to be one of my absolute favorite ways to serve.

I also teach yoga as well as coach individuals and couples to create authentic empowered lives.

I am local to the Charleston area and I am willing to travel.



My unique and personable wedding package includes a 60-90 minute meeting either in person if possible or over a FaceTime call where we can get to know one another as well as get clear on your shared vision of the flow and vibe the ceremony you desire to create.
I provide the written ceremony (vows) via email, which we work on together to edit so that it reads and feels true for you both.


I travel to and from your venue for your rehearsal as well as to preform your ceremony (for which I arrive one hour prior). I am there not only to officiate but also to offer a calm and present space for you both to be fully present in. This goes by so quickly I want to be sure you can (as best as possible) clearly and vividly revisit this moment for all the years to come. Shortly after I have announced you Husband and Wife and introduce you as such to your family and friends for the first time, I will have you each sign each of the three copies of the marriage license (which you will need to apply for in person at 100 Broad Street and pick up usually a day later) I complete the rest of the paperwork and file it for you.

When you purchase this package you may consider adding on coaching sessions with me wherein I offer you both powerful tools to support your life as a married couple such as clean and clear communication,  ways to express your wants and needs as well as how ways to resolve conflict with integrity.



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Kind Words

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Amy & Peter

"Jessica was fundamental in making our ceremony unique and personal. It was romantic, spiritual, and powerful. Years later, guests still comment that it was the most meaningful and beautiful ceremony. Most imprtanly, it was everything we wanted it to be."

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Amber & Jerad

"Jessica truly made our wedding ceremony special. Again right from the moment we met her we knew that she was going to marry us. She just had this love and energy about her that made us feel like LOVE was very special to her! We were able to talk with her over the course of time and then meet with her at her house for sessions before our wedding. Our vows were so special because they truly embodied our love for each other!! Jessica is so special to us and just like Toni and Lori she has a special place in our hearts!"

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Austin & Emily

"So many good things to be said about Jessica Rueger! She was referred to us by our friend at The French Eclectic (vintage furniture rental). We were looking for someone that was kind and spiritual. My wife’s family was never religious, so we didn’t want a lot of spoken scripture. However, my parents raised me in the Church of Christ denomination, and I wanted the blessing from God over our new marriage. Jessica was the perfect candidate for what we were looking for. She sent us the transcript for the ceremony a couple of weeks before the wedding. It was beautiful, and deeply touching. It wasn’t a lot of scripture, but spoke of our unity before God. The transcript also included some really great vows. My wife and I said we were going to write our own vows, but the ones in Jessica’s ceremony were a great example to help me to write my own. Jessica was also very flexible with our schedule, which was a huge help. I can’t say enough about Jessica’s character. From when we first spoke with her, I could tell that she was a very kind person who was understanding. She was always smiling a genuine and bright smile, which is contagious. She was the perfect person to marry my wife and I, and I would recommend her to anyone in need of an officiant.

Thank you again Jessica. It was such a pleasure working with you. I hope we can run into you again the next time we are in Charleston. I wish you and your family all the best in life. Until we meet again..."


"Colt and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our wedding day exactly what we wanted."
"We have spent a lot of time reflecting on our experience with you, and each time we talk about it, we are amazed at how lucky we were to end up in Charleston and to find you. The first day we met together, Colt and I both felt instantly at ease with you. We knew we had made the right choice for our wedding officiate! A new city, new home, new jobs, a wedding to plan–our lives were pretty chaotic–but your warmth was a constant grounding force for us throughout the entire process.  Each meeting we had with you was a beautiful growing experience that left us wiser and restored. Colt and I learned to open up to each other and to hear each other in a way that has given us such happiness. Your guidance in each session allowed each of us to know, trust, and honor ourselves much more fully. We learned how to soak up the present moment, truly enjoying the process. I know we will keep these skills with us for a lifetime. The gorgeous vows you offered us, and how we worked together to make them our very own, was the best wedding gift we received! We both appreciated so much our quiet meditation together before the ceremony, and when it came time to walk down the aisle, my heart was open and centered. People always say that the ceremony can be a total blur, but thanks to our work with you, ours was anything but. Many of our friends and family commented on the genuine sense of love that filled the air that day, and were so impressed with the true emotion that you brought to our ceremony. We looked back on the whole experience, thinking “this is what a wedding is all about.” Through our work with you, we are able to see our marriage as an exciting journey of growth, and are thankful for each moment of it. Jessica, we are so grateful to have you as a part of our lives."
- Bethany and Colt