18 years ago I met a young woman who changed my life.
— David Michael

She was wild, undisciplined; filled with pain and anger. And she had a Spark; a Light, and a drive to Change. She became my student and devoured every lesson; every opportunity to go deep within, remove the broken pieces, and allow the Light to shine through. And she Changed, and Grew, and Became, until I realized that she was the first student I had in the 30 years I had been teaching at that time, to fully know her Wholeness.  She took what came through me and through other Teachers she sought out and became a Teacher and Leader in her own Right.

How did she change my life? She validated that there is a Way; a Path for each person who may be filled with pain and anger; who may be wild and undisciplined, to remember their Wholeness and allow their Light to Shine. So when you feel that Spark; that Light that drives you to change, Jessica Rueger will guide you, challenge you, and support you, as you find your Way.

David Michael

Teacher, Guide, Mentor and Friend

Jessica Rueger is a conduit for transformation.
— Laura, Houston
Laura Olsen.jpg

Sometimes you just want to get out, away from it all, to clear your head, and go to your favorite place to get clarity or find answers. Jessica is that place for me. It’s hard to explain how a person can be a place, a space, a doorway, but that is my experience of her.

There is no agenda or obligation when you are working with her. There is just peace and focus. Her presence gives me that extra “something” that I needed to learn to access those places in me. With her I have gone deeper and further than I thought I could in my relationships with others but more importantly within myself. And I have emerged stronger with less struggle and pain that in my many years of “go it alone” personal development. The roads and results are often surprising and I am glad of it.

When I was ready to dive into this work my teacher, my doorway appeared. I highly recommend working with her. Even if you’re not sure… the fact you are here is an indication that you may be ready. If you just show up I think you will be as grateful and amazed as I am. 

Laura Olsen, Houston, TX


Looking back now at how much I have grown and learned because of our work together I understand that if you would have told me then that it is possible to get to this place of self love and inner peace, I wouldn’t have been able to believe it. It is possible! 
— Diana, South Carolina

It took me several months to gain the courage to call Jessica when I first began working with her eight years ago. I cried at our first meeting when she offered me immediate compassion for what I was seeing at that time as my mistakes and failures. Looking back now at how much I have grown and learned because of our work together I understand that if you would have told me then that it is possible to get to this place of self love and inner peace, I wouldn't have been able to believe it. It is possible! It has been a gentle and gradual process and Jessica's kind, loving and patient guidance has been the greatest gift of nurture I have ever given myself. There is no amount of money that is worth the growth I have experienced in the light of her teachings. To have someone to go to as you experience life's main events, someone who knows you and accepts you unconditionally, is a truly immeasurable gift. Jessica is not only my mentor and my teacher, she is part of my family and I experience gratitude for her impact in my life every day. I hope to continue to see her for a really long time.

Diana Deaver, Emotional Health Coach & Photographer


After one session, we knew this would be a person who would nurture us, lovingly encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves, while simultaneously holding us to the Fire and challenging us to grow!
— Theresa + John

My Husband and I have had the honor and great privilege of sitting with Jessica both individually and as a couple. We met her at an exciting yet nerve wracking time in our lives, weeks before we made the biggest commitment to one another and said our vows. After searching for a long time for a Therapist/Life Coach/Soul Journey Guide, that clicked for both of us…we immediately felt at home sitting with Jessica. After one session, we new this would be a person who would nurture us, lovingly encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves, while simultaneously holding us to the Fire and challenging us to grow! To say that we have flourished with Jessica is an understatement. Her unique and non-traditional approach to leading our sessions really resonated with us. We continue to soak up all of the blessings in our weekly meetings and are committed to the journey of stretching, growth and doing the Work!

Theresa + John


With Jessica’s guidance and the support, I found the strength to steer my life in a brave new direction. I cannot thank her enough!

Carly Howard, Entrepreneur & Global Citizen

For years, Jessica has been on my speed-dial list if I ever need to feel loved, understood, and heard. 
— Olivia, Los Angeles
olivia pool.jpg

In my line of work, I spend my days holding space for others, helping them strategize their businesses, and overcoming their psychological blocks. In order for me to being able to effectively do this for others, I need to feel supported myself! For years, Jessica has been on my speed-dial list if I ever need to feel loved, understood, and heard. Whenever I am with her, I feel completely supported and encouraged, and I think there are very few people who are able to do this for me. I am absolutely blessed to be able to call on her wisdom and love when I need it.

Olivia Pool, MA

Spiritual Psychology Specialist + Conscious Business Coach



There are no possible words to express the gratitude I feel for Jessica and all that she has given me. Never have I felt so safe in someone’s presence; able to express happiness, fear, sadness, and anger with out the fear of judgment.

Kristen DeAndre, Health Care Professional


This image was captured while having a cup of coffee with Jessica! She is a jack of all trades; one of the most influential people in my life. She takes on the role as friend, mother, counselor, healer and even photographer! Jessica will gently guide you to discover your best you, through her tender and authentic nature. She is my “go to girl”, when I am happy, sad, mad, or just feeling blah. She will hold a space for you in your darkest hours and be by your side every step of the way through your self-discovery process. Two pivotal moments in my life while working with Jessica were during a nude photoshoot and a bioenergetic healing session. With years of distorted body image, Jessica’s encouragement helped me to see myself through a different lens, a lens of acceptance. My bioenergetic session with Jessica gave me permission to release deep rooted anger and resentment that I did not even know existed inside of my body. Jessica’s ability to create a safe and nurturing environment gave me the freedom to express myself in a raw and vulnerable way that has transformed for my life forever! Thank you, Jessica!

Rachel Glowacki
Yoga Teacher Trainer


Jessica is a precious gem!
For five years Jessica has been, and still is, a rock-solid loving supporter and guide. She is devoted to teaching me how to master my mind and live in the present. From the bottom of my heart, I recommend Jessica Rueger.

Jeannine Despeaux


Working with Jessica was certainly an instrumental key in helping me to reassess the thoughts, stories, and beliefs I was holding from the past. She provided an empathetic space that allowed me to be honest about how those beliefs were affecting current relationships and offered insight that empowered me to change the way I approached those relationships. More specifically the insights helped me to be more present and loving with my partner and the tools have helped to continue that loving connection in a way that I have not experienced in past relationships.
I highly recommend working with Jessica whether you are just learning who you are and need guidance in finding your authentic self or if you know yourself well and simply need a reminder and some direction. She has a true gift for helping and serving the community. 
Larry Downey
Community Manager
Lowcountry Local First


There is not a day that goes by that I do not gratefully feel Jessica’s presence! She is such a powerful influence on my heart and has helped me to see my worthiness! She is a brilliant teacher and mentor! I am grateful for her support. I am blessed and honored to know her and to have her presence in my life!

Nischalã Lindsay Johnson


Jessica is a true gem.  I began seeing Jessica in the midst of an incredibly challenging time in my life.  Her guidance has been life changing, a true awakening. As someone who struggles with anxiety, depression and addiction, she helped me to pull through my time of crisis without the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs, something I know I would have reached for had I not had her on my side. She knew just what I needed at any given time, whether it was meditation, a particular piece of literature to read or just sheer silence in the midst of the chaos. I have referred several friends to her and continue to refer her to anyone seeking guidance in their life. She helped me to find my voice again and let go of the clutter that was surrounding the person I thought I was supposed to be for everyone else. I could go on and on, if you are looking to change your world for the better, seek Jessica. She has been the best decision I have made in my life in the last decade.
Lori Dinicola

If you are looking for clarity, healing, and growth, Jessica is the person to help you get there.
— Anna Gale, Student of Chinese Medicine

I cannot say enough good things about Jessica’s counseling. She offers clear wisdom and guidance without judgment and with the added benefit of loving-kindness and compassion. Her suggestions on how to navigate communication and relationships are invaluable. She gives you practical simple everyday tools to use in your life that are nothing short of transformational. There is a reason my brother calls her the “relationship guru.” Jessica’s advice has been a powerful force in healing many aspects of my life. 


“Her presence is immensely calming and caring and she has a strong intuition…”

I’m pretty much positive at this point that Jessica was supposed to come into my life when she did. She is s true angel in human form and has helped me more that words can describe. I began seeing Jessica at a trying time in my life after yet another failed attempt with a different therapist who just seemed listen but didn’t HEAR me. After meeting Jessica, I felt an immediate connection with her- like finally someone would help me to where I want to be. Her presence is immensely calming and caring and she has a strong intuition on what you need as an individual to grow. I have visited her several times emotional and in distress and she brings always guides me back to a place of peace and optimism. The amount of ‘Aha’ moments I have has with her is incredible. She truly WANTS to help you and it is very apparent. I strongly sing her praises to any and every one and I cannot recommend her higher. She has been a Godsend to me.

Cayce Eubanks, Realtor