The Peace, Love & Harmony Scholarship

The Peace, Love & Harmony Scholarship was started by one of my students who reached to me to support her desire for personal growth and development.  At a point throughout our time working together she chose to go through an empowering transition that temporarily made it difficult for her to pay for my services in full. Together we negotiated an agreement that worked for each of us. She was inspired by this and when she was in a better financial place decided to create this scholarship. Her generosity to make it possible for others in similar predicaments to have access to my support and guidance is such a lovely act of philanthropy and it is in her honor that I continue to make this available.
Her kindness remains to be one of the most profound and honoring gestures that I have ever encountered.

Pay it Forward

It is my desire to offer help and assistance to as many people I am able, no matter their financial ability. If you are interested in an opportunity to support your community, I have opened a way for you to contribute as well. I appreciate your support in making these services as widely available as possible. 

If you are in need of coaching and are not financially able, there is a process for you to apply to receive below. 



If you are in need of emotional support and also have a financial need, please apply for a scholarship here.

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