Self Mastery Coaching - 60 min sessions

Self Mastery Coaching - 60 min sessions


Monthly Self Mastery Coaching with Jessica Rueger.

Become the highest version of yourself

  • Get crystal clear on what the highest version of yourself looks like, feels like and experiences

  • Create choices that support the highest version of you

  • Awaken to the truth of who you are and take a true an accurate accounting of your current reality

  • Develop skills that support your personal growth through spiritual and emotional maturity

  • Discover the core beliefs that have been motivating your thoughts, choices and behaviors

  • Access and activate your courage to decide to face everything including but not limited to the truth, the unexpected and the uncomfortable.

  • Get clear on what is and what is no longer working in your life

  • Strengthen your ability to bring awareness to the present moment and learn ways to begin to accept it as it is

  • Acknowledge and amplify your natural inherent abilities

  • Learn to set and manage healthy boundaries

  • Take an honest and compassionate look at past trauma

  • Learn skills to become proficient in shifting your focus

  • Develop an abundant mindset

  • Receive Intuitive guidance, tools, practices, processes and resources that support your unique journey

This is an ongoing commitment to yourself. You will be billed monthly for ongoing Self Mastery Coaching.

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