“Alchemize the wounds of your past into wings and be free.”
— Jessica

Individual sessions

Start wherever you are...start now or start again

"all of who you are is welcome"

  • Get an accurate assessment of where you are now and what you truly want to experience

  • Learn ways to access the creative power within you to generate the choices that support your chosen path while bringing you the results you want to experience

  • Receive an intuitive perspective, suggested tools, resources and practices that support you claiming and living in alignment with your truth in your creative power

Individual sessions available

$300 per 60 MINUTE session 

$400 per 90 MINUTE session


 Commit to truth

"Generate the power that is ready to be awakened within you." 

  • Accepting the truth of who you are is vital to you living authentically and powerfully.  

  • Accepting the truth takes courage and willingness, which you have within you.

To take the next step schedule your 15 minute consultation call to make sure that we are a good fit and to ask questions.

• 3 month immersive exploration


weekly 60 MINUTE sessions

or $1100/month


weekly 90 MINUTE sessions

or $1400/month


an ongoing evolution   

become the highest version of YOurself

  • Get crystal clear on what the highest version of yourself looks like, feels like and experiences

  • Create choices that support the highest version of you

  • Awaken to the truth of who you are and take a true an accurate accounting of your current reality

  • Develop skills that support your personal growth through spiritual and emotional maturity

  • Discover the core beliefs that have been motivating your thoughts, choices and behaviors

  • Access and activate your courage to decide to face everything including but not limited to the truth, the unexpected and the uncomfortable.

  • Get clear on what is and what is no longer working in your life

  • Strengthen your ability to bring awareness to the present moment and learn ways to begin to accept it as it is

  • Acknowledge and amplify your natural inherent abilities

  • Learn to set and manage healthy boundaries

  • Take an honest and compassionate look at past trauma

  • Learn skills to become proficient in shifting your focus

  • Develop an abundant mindset

  • Receive Intuitive guidance, tools, practices, processes and resources that support your unique journey

Take action & schedule a 15 minute consultation. Let’s connect and see if it’s true for us to work together.

ongoing - 18 month minimum recommended

$800 monthly

weekly 60 minute sessions

$1000 monthly

weekly 90 minute sessions


to schedule your 15 minute consultation or if you have any questions about what it looks like to work with me, click here to select time to jump on a call together: