Alchemize the wounds of your past into wings and be free.
— Jessica Rueger

Master Yourself

master you Reality.

  • let go of shame, doubt, blame and guilt once and for all

  • access your courage, strengthen your intuition & activate your will

  • get the clarity & focus you need to determine where you are now & where you want to be

  • discover the limiting beliefs that have been informing your choices & behaviors; likely sabotaging your efforts to create powerfully

  • reclaim your truth & align with your natural ability as a creative

  • consciously access the present & master yourself in the moment instead of reacting to what you’re resisting

  • develop skills to shift your awareness; what you focus on creates your realty

  • develop an open expansive abundant mindset; multiply your perspective(s)

  • awaken to & access your creative power to determine the choices that support you being who YOU choose to be while bringing you the results you truly want to be experiencing and have fun doing it!

  • You will receive:

    -intuitive perspective



    -a shift in perception

    - practices that support you taking total responsibility for your life & complete ownership for who you’re being. Build your determination and will to decide & face whatever fears that have been keeping you from fully living your life according to what is true for you

private single session


private weekly sessions

-$9,300 Annually or

-$800 billed monthly

*renews annually


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